Nice to see you!

You’re in the right place if you:

  • Want to run Google Ads
  • Would like some help doing that – or at least getting started
  • Are unsure
  • Are open to us bribing you to give us a try 🙂

Now if that last one sounds a little dodgy, stick with me for a moment!

After working for a couple of different agencies, I (Noel Maurice) have started up on my own here, with a small but highly competent team to offer marketing and web design services and, most of all – being my own speciality – Google Ads – or PPC Ads (there are also Bing Ads, which I’ll get into down the page if you’re interested…)

Because we’re the new kids on the block, I’m especially eager to get more new clients. But I know that if you google “Google Ads Agency” or similar, you’ll get a load of agencies clamouring for your attention.

Hence the bribe 🙂

In fact, it’s both a bet and a bribe.

The bet: I’ll lay down 25€ of my own money to pay for your Google Ads.

That’s as well as setting up your Google Ads campaign for free.

Yup, that’s right. For free.

That means that I set up your Google Ads campaign, and pay the first 25€…which we would spread over five days. Why? Because I’m sure that once you see how well it works, and for such a small – and easily controlled – budget, you’ll stay with us.

I know, 25€ isn’t an insane amount of money to lay down.

But it’s enough for you to see that the whole thing works.

There’s no scam. There’s absolutely no risk to you. It’s win-win.

Okay, that was the bet.

Now for the bribe:

Not only will I do that, I will also throw your name into the hat to win three months of FREE use of a line-up of premium, award-winning and state-of-the-art plugins from WPMU. Five in all.

I’ll install the plugins on your site, give you a tutorial on how to use them properly and most effectively, and show you the dashboard that you get with the plugins, where you can see exactly how your site is doing – if it’s running fast, if there are any security issues, and if your SEO is spot on.

You can go check out the WPMU plugins for yourself, if you like – here they are:

Smush Pro (the industry standard in image optimisation – ie making sure your site isn’t slowed down by large file sizes)

Defender Pro – anti-malware and security software that offers 2-factor authentification and a raft of features to keep your site safe (and has currently been downloaded 1.5 million times)

Hummingbird Pro – a performance-improvement plugin that not only offers easy asset optimisation to speed up your site, but also keeps an eye on your site’s uptime,  offers lazy loading comments, automatic database cleanups, prefetches DNS, and a lot more (and if that all sounds a little complicated, don’t worry – Hummingbird makes it easy as anything)

Sitecrawl SEO Pro – While Yoast SEO is the leading industry SEO plugin, I switched to Sitecrawl because I find it even better – and don’t have any regrets!

Forminator Pro – Easy-as-anything forms, quizzes and polls that work!

I’m raffling THREE MONTHS FREE with all these plugins – plus a tutorial on how to use them – to everyone who takes up my offer of trying out having me and my team at Noel Maurice Media & Marketing set up and run your Google Ads for you – plus let’s not forget my offer of 25€ free Google Ads budget – just to try it out.

Why am I doing this?

Because I feel confident that this will be a Eureka! eye-opening moment, and you’ll never look back.

And I know, the trust factor, right? So go here to see my Google My Business page and read the reviews, and go here to find me on LinkedIn, where I’m known for over a decade as a trustworthy source to my nearly 1,500 contacts.